日期 Date2017-12-31
活動 Function大埔超級城狂歡倒數迎2018
時間 Time22:30
地點 Venue大埔超級城C區美食坊


嘉欣早前在溫哥華為fans錄了一段影片 (因技術上問題延至現在才公開,不便之處,敬請原諒!)


Linda had previously recorded this video clip specially for fans earlier in Vancouver but it could not be uploaded till now due to technological glitches, our apologies for that.

Separately, Linda returned to Hong Kong in May and recorded an English soundtrack for "Heart And Greed 3". In addition, she will also be taking on some projects in the second half of the year, do keep a lookout and show her your support!

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